Provide a road map

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I work very closely with family physicians, psychologists and other mental-health professionals. We are struggling to find appropriate psychiatric treatment for our clients in crisis and in need of on-going management of their psychiatric medications. We feel unsupported and unrecognized within the psychiatric establishment, which seems more like an impenetrable fortress than a part of a comprehensive mental-health system.

I ask Dr. Louis Soucy, who responded to my letter (“Emergency wards fail depressed people,” March 9), to set the record straight with clear directions, guidelines and protocols for gaining access to psychiatric care in emergencies and as an ongoing resource. Feedback I’ve been getting tells me that my clients and I are not alone in finding the current system unresponsive to our needs.

If the services are truly there, we need a road map to find them.

Judy Kiar

Individual, couple and family therapist

This letter was sent in response to Louis Soucy’s letter published on March 15th, 2004, entitled “City has wide range of mental-health services.”