My name is Judy Kiar and I am an Individual, Couple and Family Therapist.

My professional aim is to help people achieve greater happiness and success in any areas of their lives that may not be working so well. I operate from the perspective that most people struggle with very similar difficulties personally and in relationships. With this knowledge it becomes much easier to identify weak spots and find strategies to overcome them. None of us receive training in how to be partners, parents, friends, children or siblings and yet most of us feel expected to excel in these areas. Therapy can be an excellent resource to improve our skills and by doing so our lives and relationships.

Life is a complicated endeavor full of challenges as well as joys. It is a sign of good mental health to recognize when things aren’t going well and to seek help to improve them. The Work of therapy has often been referred to as ”courageous acts of change.”

This is the philosophy that guides my practice.


Call: (613) 271-8880 or email me today to schedule an appointment.
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Need Help Now?

If you find yourself in a crisis situation where you or someone you know is at risk, please call:

  • The Ottawa Hospital General Campus Emergency Room: (613) 737-8000
  • The Ottawa Hospital Civic Campus: (613) 761-4621
  • The Montford Hospital: (613) 748-4908
  • The Queensway Carleton Hospital: (613) 721-4710
  • The Distress Centre: (613) 238-3311
  • In dire emergency: 911